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Selection based on safety diagnosis-related behaviors in workplace

Selecting candidates with a reduced predisposition to cause or to be part of accident and incidents represents the key to a safe organization.

Program Objectives:

  • Assessing the safety related behaviors for blue collars (e.g.: operators, warehouse staff, drivers, etc.) for screening or selection.
  • Identifying correlations between measured behaviors and safety related events in order to enhance prediction in selection or any other human related decision.
  • Based on safety research and Hogan Archive, the safety program was successful in reducing the number of accidents caused by human factors.
  • Implementation of the Safety report represents actually a cost saving (easy to demonstrate ROI).

Program Benefits:

  • Saving money (hospitalization, broken equipment, production breaks)
  • Gathering valuable information about safety related behaviors
  • Helping supervisors and managers to better human resources related decisions
  • Scientific based support for selection decisions
  • Reducing the number of accidents and incidents.

Steps of the Program:

Step1: Measuring Individual Profiles

Completing the Hogan Personality Inventory  (15 min)

Hogan Safety Report

The report is an off the shelf product and is divided in to 4 sections:

  • Section I: Defines the six components of safety-related behavior and then provides a graphic summary of the candidate’s assessment results across those six components.
  • Section II:  Provides an overall safety score for the candidate, based on the graphic summary from Section I.
  • Section III (optional) : Presents the areas that need to be developed based on any scores in Section I that are noted as moderate or critical challenges.
  • Section IV: Concerns the candidates’ overall desirability as an employee, which is defined in terms of three broad components of performance. The report then provides a graphic summary of the candidate’s overall desirability.

Step 2: Additional Support

HART Consulting will help the client’s organization to gather data regarding safety violations in order to build an internal benchmark for future selections.

Depending on the internal organizational data, HART could help to implement performance data regarding safety into the organization in order to demonstrate ROI.


  • Individual reports
  • Support in selection decisions.
  • Selection based on safety diagnosis-related behaviors in workplace - HART ConsultingSelection based on safety diagnosis-related behaviors in workplace - HART Consulting
Zoe Mihaescu, trainer and coach
The certification course in Hogan Assessments was a very useful and enjoyable experience for me. I participated with the idea in mind of enriching my portfolio of knowledge necessary for the coaching process and I got much out of it than I expected! The course was interactive, constructive and practical, and the trainer was the right person at the right time, a true professional that understand
Mihaela Cristina Florea, Sef Serviciu Training, Generali Romania
The entire process of accreditation: the course, as well as the 1-on-1 feedback sessions offered after the actual course, represented for me o real learning experience: relevant, attractive, captivating, useful, obtained through a perfect combination between experience, theory and statistics. Now, after 2 years since obtaining the certificate, I eagerly await the periodic update meetings organized
Roxana Tronaru, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale
We worked with the HART Consulting team in order to develop role-playing exercises – part of the AC for the BRD GSG. From the beginning, the consultants were very receptive to our needs, we built along the project structure and we communicated effictively throughout it. In the follow-up sessions, experts from Hart have shown the ability to easily identify items that need improvement or
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