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Energy & Utilities Industry

ContextOne hundred and seven Service Technicians at an international wind energy company provided Hogan with safety data. These employees are ... read more
Assessment Center

Assessment Center

Development and career paths design within organizations are vital processes for retaining highflyers and sustain growth. The Assessment Center (AC) ... read more


Solution: A well-known food retailer established a Hogan profile to hire sales representatives nearly three years ago. In 2012, the retailer ... read more


A global producer and marketer of agricultural and industrial services sought to implement personality assessment into the trader selection process to ... read more

Development programs

It is a known fact that almost two-thirds of the people currently in leadership positions will fail. Their inability to build or maintain a team - ... read more
Team Development Program

Team Development Program

Constant pressure both on budget and operational areas is no longer news. The results of companies that operate in an extremely competitive market ... read more


Leadership Development Challenge: A worldwide leader in sportswear manufacturing contacted Hogan to design a talent management program. They ... read more
Organizational studies

Organizational studies

HART Consulting can provide you an extensive suite of macro instruments that focus on departmental, team, and organizational issues. We design these ... read more


Hogan Assessments tools are approved by the Romanian Psychology Collegium. HoganSELECT. Make informed hiring decisions. Pre-employment personality ... read more


What are the skills, behaviors, values to predict the optimum compatibility with the job and the organization? And especially how do we measure what ... read more
Interviewing Skills and Selection Tools

Interviewing Skills and Selection Tools

This online seminar aims to transfer knowledge and best practices for specialists and managers so they can achieve superior results in the selection ... read more

Leadership Potential Report (HPI)

The Potential Report outlines an individual's day-to-day leadership style, including behavioral descriptions, leadership competencies, and ... read more
Leadership Challenge Report (HDS)

Leadership Challenge Report (HDS)

Identifies dysfunctional dispositions - tendencies that appear after prolonged exposure, during stress or as a result of heavy work loads ... read more

Leadership Values Report (MVPI)

The Values Report explores a person's core values and goals that ultimately drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations and expectations about ... read more

Coaching Report (HPI+HDS+MVPI)

The Coaching Report is a self-guided, comprehensive development planning tool for individual leadership development. The Coaching Report ... read more

Summary Report (HPI+HDS+MVPI)

The Summary Report is a results-based overview of a candidate’s performance strengths, challenges, and values. The report integrates ... read more

Career Report (HPI)

The Career Report describes how an individual will act in various business circumstances, identifies strengths and shortcomings, and includes detailed ... read more

Manage Report (HPI)

The Manage Report highlights the most effective techniques for managing an employee. This in-depth report identifies strengths on which to build and ... read more

Compass Report (MVPI)

The Compass Report outlines the occupational significance of a person's core values and provides effective career planning information. This ... read more

Hogan EQ

Hogan EQ Report With over 30 years of experience in the assessment field, Hogan Assessments released a new report, specially designed to have an ... read more

Talent management

Today's economy is a dynamic paradigm both in terms of people and organizations. The last years of changes and economic turbulence have highlighted ... read more


We believe in best practices in business and human resources. We are psychologists and consultants who want to grow people and contribute to the ... read more

How to Be an Efficient Leader?

04 Sep 2013

The problem of good leadership is more and more in the focus and it is not anymore an HR trend. Under the current economic situation, under the ... read more

Off the Rails: Avoiding the High Cost of Failed Leadership

27 Sep 2013

The last decade bore witness to some of history’s most spectacular instances of C-level derailment, from paranoid rants during shareholder ... read more

How do Romanians see an efficient leader?

25 Oct 2013

Which characteristics define a good CEO, a top leader of the organization? Above many other topics, the one related to the study of leadership is most ... read more
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