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This Agreement is concluded between HART Consulting, as the owner and administrator of the hart.ro site and the supplier of the services offered thereby, and any person accessing the site or who wants to use in any way the services (hereinafter called "User").


1. Acceptance of the Agreement
The terms in which a person may access the hart.ro site or use in any way the services offered thereby are established under this Agreement. All services and information you benefit of on the hart.ro site are set at your disposal, only provided you fully accept the provisions hereof. By accessing the pages of which the hart.ro site consists, you undertake to observe all provisions comprised in this Agreement. The non-acceptance of any provision of the Agreement results in the obligation of not using any part of the content of the hart.ro site or of the services offered thereby that are offered provided you accept the usage terms and conditions.

2. Amendment of the provisions from the Agreement
HART Consulting reserves itself the right to unilaterally amend the content of this Agreement with no previous notification, announcing the provisions by updating this page of the hart.ro site. Due to such reason, we recommend to you to periodically visit this page, in order to be up to date with the terms and conditions of using the hart.ro site.


HART Consulting shall ensure the confidentiality of the data offered by the User and it shall take the proper technical and organizational measures in order to ensure the security thereof.
In certain sections of the hart.ro site, private data shall be requested from you according to the definition of Law 677/2001 for the protection of persons in regard to private data processing and the free circulation of such data. The User's refusal to supply data determines his non-registration with the database of HART Consulting and in certain cases the impossibility to access certain sections of the site. Thus, data that are able to identify you shall be collected and stored in the database of HART Consulting in the following cases:

1. General information collected by HART
a) by the registration on the hart.ro site, by creating an account or on subsequent authentications;
b) by using the electronic payment system to pay certain products or services that shall be offered by HART Consulting
c) by receiving and registering on the server certain IT data, as well as the IP address and cookie of the site accessed by you
d) by signing up to the monthly newsletter.

HART warrants to you that it shall use the registered general information supplied by the User directly, on registration or payment, or indirectly, by the activity carried out on the hart.ro site, only in order to improve its offered services by facilitating the access to the information and links relevant for the User.

2. Information on the scope of collecting private data
HART Consulting processes your private data by automated and manual means. You are not under the obligation to supply to us the above data. Such are necessary to us in view of facilitating your access to potential employers. Your refusal to supply data determines us not to register you with the database of HART Consulting. Your express and unequivocal approval in regard to the private data processing shall be deemed granted as of the moment when you remit your private data to HART Consulting or as of the moment of publicly announcing such, if you previously publicly announced such.


1. Intellectual property
The graphic conception and content of the hart.ro site are the property of HART Consulting and are protected by the law on intellectual property and HART Consulting is entitled to amend at any moment both the content and the graphic conception of the site. The User undertakes not to reproduce the materials on the hart.ro site without holding the previous written approval of the representatives of HART Consulting.

2. Terminating the supply of services through the hart.ro site
HART Consulting is entitled without previous warning and without justification to order the limiting or full blocking of the User's access to the site, the deletion of the account and the interdiction of his subsequent registration. HART Consulting is also entitled to shut down the access to the hart.ro site and to terminate the supply of any services without notifying and justifying such decision in any way.

3. Rights stipulated by Rule 679/2016 for the protection of persons regarding the processing of private data and the free circulation of such data.


Any dispute between the two parties shall be solved by virtue of the provisions from this Agreement and the applicable legal provisions by forwarding such to the competent courts of law. This Agreement shall be effective as of 01.03.2007 and the last amendment was performed this 14.09.2012.

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