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MTA Mechanical/Technical Comprehension

Application Test that assesses the mechanical/technical understanding using animated items (instruments, to which a construction plan must be ... read more
Team Development Program

Team Development Program

Constant pressure both on budget and operational areas is no longer news. The results of companies that operate in an extremely competitive market ... read more
New Manager Development Program

New Manager Development Program

Assumptions about this program If you are a new promoted manager or you are coordinating a new manager, taking the lead of a new team is a ... read more

Executive coaching

Development process designed for executives, directors, managers who want to increase their measurable performance and transform their leadership and ... read more

Summary Report (HPI+HDS+MVPI)

The Summary Report is a results-based overview of a candidate’s performance strengths, challenges, and values. The report integrates ... read more
Leadership Versatility Index

Leadership Versatility Index

A patented 360-degree feedback survey addressed to TOP managers with a unique leadership model. It raises the awareness of the strengths overused and ... read more

Talent management

Today's economy is a dynamic paradigm both in terms of people and organizations. The last years of changes and economic turbulence have highlighted ... read more
Who You Are Is How You Lead Workshop

Who You Are Is How You Lead Workshop

  What is the role of personality in leadership? At Hogan, we often say that who we are is how we lead. This belief shows how the role of ... read more

The cost of a bad promotion

19 Iun 2013

Have you ever heard the story of a successful sales person, with great financial results who got promoted as a sales manager and failed? One year ... read more

Toxic Leadership - Jarrett Shalhoop

24 Mai 2013

Leadership is a driving force in organizational performance, both for good and for bad. While we typically think of leadership as a positive force, ... read more

Off the Rails: Avoiding the High Cost of Failed Leadership

27 Sep 2013

The last decade bore witness to some of history’s most spectacular instances of C-level derailment, from paranoid rants during shareholder ... read more

High Potential in Romania

05 Mai 2014

This study was made for the use of our customers. Correctly identifying talents is a crucial process for organizational success. As recent studies ... read more
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