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Hogan Assessments Certification

About Hogan Assessments Certification Workshops

Want to ramp up your organization’s talent acquisition and development strategies? Attend one of our world-class certification workshops, available online or in Bucharest. In the process, you’ll learn more about personality (and have fun too!).

The Hogan Assessments Certification workshop will teach you about our personality assessments and how to interpret individual assessment results. Once you’ve completed this foundational certification (required), we offer two advanced workshops to help you become an expert at understanding the nuances of personality results and master the delicate art of providing personality feedback to assessment takers within your organization.


Continuing Education Credit

Hogan Assessments is an approved provider of continuing education credit hours on behalf of ICF:

  • Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop (20 credits: 11 Core Competencies, 9 Resource Development)
  • Hogan Advanced Interpretation Workshop (9.50 credits: 7 Core Competencies, 2.50 Resource Development)
  • Hogan Advanced Feedback Workshop (9.50 credits: 6 Core Competencies, 3.00 Resource Development)


Cristina Dumitru, HR Manager, Bitdefender
I recommend Hogan Assessments to any HR professional, particularly for selection activities, as well as career orientation and development. The certification course offers a clear image on the tools and manages in just 2 days to build the abilities necessary for interpretation. I very much appreciated the professionalism of the HART consultant, as well as the focus on practical examples and
Magdalena Vrajitoru, RBS Romania
We have been developed and run with HART Consulting several assessment and development centers during 2007 and 2008. These projects goals were: Assessment of the managerial competencies for retail and corporate banking employees Selection for career progression (promotion) HART Consulting used different customized exercises, adapted to each profile of competencies. HART has conducted
Lory Kanceva, BASS
From our point of view, we can say that HART expertise in this area is a factor of recommendation, by the professionalism and seriousness in evaluating candidates. Regarding the organization of AC, the HART’s focus is to train the assessors, this factor representing one of the main ingredients in having a quality AC. In an AC every detail is important and we consider that HART’s
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